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Ethleen’s Bio

Background Ethleen Peacock is from Sierra Leone, West Africa and presently residing in the United States. She grew up with her granny and parents in a small neighbourhood in Freetown. Ethleen was sick almost all the time; her family used to run with her from one hospital to another due to Sickle Cell. She missed many school days both at secondary and university but tried her best to empower herself with some creative skills. She has a vast family with […]

Happy Birthday Granny

I am celebrating my granny not only because it is her 70Th Birthday also for the constant love, care and support; she has given me for the past thirty years. My granny has a unique personality and is always willing to render her services and help to others at no cost. She has been a mother and grandmother for many people that couldn’t find the way. Today, I want to focus on our relationship; I was not an average child; this […]


Meeting my Goals

For the past two years, it has been a challenge to complete my set goals. I use various methods to document my goals and deadlines, such as digital reminders, schedulers, planners, stickers, and manually writing on notebooks, cards and pads, but none seems to be working. Focusing on one task at a time is impossible for me, due to I keep switching between jobs and I can’t prioritize, which is the most important one. I started teaching myself on the […]

My Coping Skills

I am an adult with several responsibilities; it is so hard to cope with all the expectations from friends and family. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed, running around to get things done or complete my daily tasks. Dealing with health issues makes it complicated; going from one Doctor’s appointment to the other is frustrating. Oh, the craziest thing ever is when I don’t remember if I have taken my daily medications or not. My ‘To-Do List’ is far behind, to the point I […]

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