Meeting my Goals


For the past two years, it has been a challenge to complete my set goals. I use various methods to document my goals and deadlines, such as digital reminders, schedulers, planners, stickers, and manual writing on notebooks, cards and pads, but none seems to be working.

Focusing on one task at a time is impossible for me due to I keep switching between jobs and I can’t prioritize which is the most important one.

I started teaching myself the act of focusing on one task a day. Is it working well? I  am trying to adapt, but it is difficult.

In December 2019, I reorganized my goals on a notebook and digital planner; every morning, I will review the task list and choose what I want to do for the day, yet I get carried away and attempt to do multiple tasks.

Honestly, I don’t think I will be able to do one thing at a time when I checked my previous task lists, I noticed a pattern that I have accomplished some of my goals and forgot to mark them as complete.

Although I can’t focus on one task per day, I have achieved more things completed.

These are a list of ways I use to accomplish a complete project.

  • Buy a notebook, writing pads, stickers, colored cards and different colors of pens.
  • Sort the stationary out.
  • Make a list in your mind.
  • Make a rough list on a sticker, go over the list and rewrite them on a notepad.
  • Organize the item in your list into categories on the notepad.
  • Rewrite your listing on the color card by category such as Buy a house, Shopping and on.
  • Copy your list into the notebook and leave it for a day.
  • Download a digital planner or reminder, type your goals to achieve each one and set a deadline.
  • Start working on your goals and focus on one step at a time method.
  • Mark complete when you accomplish a task.


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