I am Ethleen Peacock, a multimedia specialist and women’s advocate.
I am inspired to blog about my personal life, daily activities and health struggles with videos and photos detailing this information. 

I was in Freetown, Sierra Leone makes my story unique; living with Sickle Cell makes my life extraordinary above all being a born-again Christian makes me meek.  Although I have so many flaws and frowns, yet I do amazing things with my skills.

I have a personality that lights my world from the craziness to loveliness in chokes with a smell of wonderland in a castle that exists only in my mind.

I am a little lady that burns and heals in her struggle; the Doctor said I was born with Sickle Cell, a genetic disorder, inherited from my parents, it is a mixture of pure pain and hardship to live with it.

Nevertheless, God has been faithful to me; he makes this burden lighter with the supply of golden grace and platinum peace to inspire others.

The purpose of the Ethleen Stories blog is to give you an in-depth to my life on how I am managing and coping amid the noise, the unseen battles never expressed feelings, and in the fight to have stable health.

Despite the underlying factors, the fear of taking too many medications and injection needles, all these, and more, you will find on my blog.

In this blog, I am sharing my lifestyle not limited to my daily activities but with stories from my birth to adulthood.
That involves my interest, hobbies, sex life, family, education, career, fashion, and even a lifestyle forum.

My work involves visual storytelling for multimedia platforms, advocating for women, girls, and people living with Sickle Cell plus designing African clothing and accessories.

You can ask me for advice or any question you can’t find an answer to. Buckle for the ride, and I hope everything about my life will inspire you.

Thank you for reading and welcome to my world.

Duchess Ethleen Peacock
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