I am Ethleen Peacock, a passionate non-profit executive and a multimedia specialist. My personal blog serves as a platform to share my daily experiences and struggles, including my battle with Sickle Cell disease, which I inherited from my parents. However, my faith as a born-again Christian has given me the strength to overcome these challenges.
Living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, adds a unique perspective to my story, and I am proud to share my journey with the world. My personality is a mix of craziness and loveliness, with a vivid imagination that creates a wonderland in my mind.
My blog, Ethleen Stories, delves into my life in detail, sharing how I manage and cope with the unseen battles and strive for stable health, even with the fear of taking medications and injections.
I share not only my daily routines but also my life journey from birth to adulthood, covering topics such as hobbies, family, education, career, fashion, and lifestyle.
In addition to my blogging, I also use my visual storytelling skills to advocate for women, girls, and individuals with Sickle Cell disease, while designing African clothing and accessories.
Feel free to reach out to me for advice or answers to any questions. Join me on this exciting journey, and I hope my story will inspire you.
Thank you for visiting my world.

Duchess Ethleen Peacock
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