Ethleen’s Wish

I have curated a collection of my favorite things, which includes a variety of items such as food, clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes, and jewelry.

While some of these items are within my budget and have been purchased, others may be out of reach. If you're looking to gift me, feel free to browse through my collection for inspiration and ideas. Friends, family, and anyone who wants to surprise me with a thoughtful gift can find clues in this collection.

I love shoes; in my twenties, I used to have a rack full of all kinds of shoes, designs and colors.
Mostly gift from mom, she knows I am a shoe person and it was easy for her to buy me holiday gifts.

The pink bag is a big deal for me if you want to gift me, check this handbag.

Perfume gives me extra confidence daily.

My aim to buy all these shoes in this picture. Don't judge me and mind your business.

White chocolate is my favorite dessert.

Neutral color sweaters are part of my winter routine that makes me feel comfortable during the cold weather.

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