Birth and Childhood

I was born in Cannon Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa to Daphne Kpange and Ebu Peacock. According to my Granny, I was delivered prematurely at home, as my mother went into labor before reaching the hospital.

My family often described my childhood as being "spoiled and rotten" by my Granny, which I wholeheartedly agreed with. She showered me with the best of everything, from organizing my belongings to giving me extra food.

However, despite this pampering, I spent a significant portion of my childhood going from one hospital to another due to health issues such as Sickle Cell, Malaria, and Typhoid fever.

Despite these health challenges, I consider myself blessed to have enjoyed a happy and fulfilling childhood. For more details about my birth and early years, please refer to the album.

Tiny Ethleen Peacock

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My Birth

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