Birth and Childhood

I was born to Daphne Kpange and Ebu Peacock at Cannon Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

According to my Granny, I was a premature baby delivered at home instead of the hospital considering my mother went into early labor.

My family described my childhood as ‘spoiled and rotten by my Granny’ I agreed with them, whereas she gave me the best in everything, even organizing all my things and giving me extra food. 

Thought, I spent most of it running from one hospital to the other due to Sickle Cell, Malaria and Typhoid fever.

I was blessed to enjoy my childhood.

Check this Album for more details on my birth and childhood.

Tiny Ethleen Peacock

Growing up, I had stunted growth, very tiny and skinny with a sharp voice....

My Birth

According to my granny, I was born three months earlier to my due date,...

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