Happy Birthday Granny

I am celebrating my granny not only because it is her 70Th Birthday also for the constant love, care and support; she has given me for the past thirty years.

My granny has a unique personality and is always willing to render her services and help to others at no cost. She has been a mother and grandmother to many people that couldn’t find the way.

Today, I want to focus on our relationship; I was not an average child, which means I had health issues and needed help for nearly everything daily.
Most kids with extreme health issues in developing countries don’t survive due to the lack of both medical and personal care.

In my case, I was blessed to have my granny to be by my side at all times.
She barely slept some nights due to a breathing problem I was having; she would sit and watch me or wake me up when I was struggling to breathe.
She is the foundation of my success, considering that she sacrifices her comfort and self for me.

Ms. Gloria, as you celebrate your 70th, I wish you the best in everything and I pray for you to continue to eat the fruit of your labor.
Happy Birthday, Granny.


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