My School Work

During my early academic years, I was an average student, but everything changed when I entered senior secondary school. Suddenly, I found myself among the top three brightest students in my class, and the reason for this remarkable improvement was my steadily improving health.

To capitalize on this newfound vitality, I extended my daily study schedule from two to five hours, concentrating on my school notes, researching extensively, and cramming tirelessly for tests and exams.

This breakthrough marked a turning point in my life, and I was determined to maintain good grades and make up for the lost time. Fortunately, my mother and grandmother provided me with the necessary resources by purchasing school materials, hiring multiple home tutors, and creating a conducive environment to help me achieve my educational goals.

Additionally, there were other family members who provided assistance with my school work, and I remain deeply grateful to all those who played a part in my success story.

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