Category : Young Adulthood

My School Work

I was an average student until I got to senior secondary school then I became amongst the three prime brilliant students in my class. The reason for this marvelous growth was health emerged steadily fast. I extended my study schedule from two hours to five hours day, I concentrated on reading my school notes, did more research and crammed a lot for tests and exams. This was the first big break in my life and I was determined to get good […]

Most Problematic Thing in my Life

One of the most problematic things I encounter during my young adulthood was decision making. Sometimes, I had several options to choose from. Yet, it is not easy to pick one option. What if that choice fails? My favorites were not the best or worse for specific situations; nevertheless, my decisions were favorable or benefited me in a particular way. In 2013, I decided to change the church I was attending to a smaller church; that choice was an outstanding breakthrough […]

The changes

The transformation from childhood to teenagehood is different for everyone, although there are similar patterns. This transition was a battle for me, I can’t concentrate or stay healthy and I was always trying to fit in. I was not your average teenage girl that wants to experiment with every teen culture or fashion. Also, I did many dressed up with high heel shoes which were the foremost elements for me. Blow up out of proportion, I got dozen of friends in […]

After Church

I took this picture after church in October 2012; I was struggling health-wise and decided to cheer up myself with a picture. During this period, I felt everything was falling apart and couldn’t find a solution, that makes it more frustrating. In the process, I got burnt out from many hospitalizations, fastings, prayers, and prayer house visits. It was difficult for me and my granny to cope with the stress. But the Almighty showed up when I least believe and made a […]

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