Category : Young Adulthood

My School Work

During my early academic years, I was an average student, but everything changed when I entered senior secondary school. Suddenly, I found myself among the top three brightest students in my class, and the reason for this remarkable improvement was my steadily improving health. To capitalize on this newfound vitality, I extended my daily study schedule from two to five hours, concentrating on my school notes, researching extensively, and cramming tirelessly for tests and exams. This breakthrough marked a turning […]

Most Problematic Thing in my Life

Decision-making was one of the most challenging aspects of my young adulthood. Despite having multiple options, it was difficult to choose one without the fear of failure. Although my preferences were not always suitable for specific situations, my decisions often turned out to be favorable and beneficial in some way. In 2013, I made a significant breakthrough by switching to a smaller church. This decision had a positive impact on my life, leading to a fresh start, improved healthcare, and […]

The changes

The transition from childhood to teenagehood is a unique experience for everyone, although there are common patterns. For me, this transformation was a struggle as I faced challenges such as difficulty concentrating, poor health, and a desire to fit in with my peers. Unlike many teenage girls who enjoy experimenting with different fashion trends and subcultures, I preferred to dress conservatively and focused on wearing high heel shoes. Despite these challenges, I managed to make many friends in school, church, […]

After Church

In October 2012, I captured this photo of myself after attending church. At the time, I was struggling with my health and felt like everything in my life was falling apart. Taking the picture was a way to lift my spirits and bring a bit of positivity into my day. I was exhausted from multiple hospitalizations, fasting, prayers, and visits to prayer houses, which had taken a toll on me and my grandmother, who was helping me cope. Despite my […]

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