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Tiny Ethleen Peacock

During my childhood, I experienced stunted growth, leaving me with a small and skinny physique, along with a sharp voice that set me apart from the other kids. As a result, my clothing choices were often baggy and ill-fitting. Unfortunately, the root cause of my growth issue was a medical condition that went untreated, further hindering my body’s ability to develop properly. I felt ashamed of my physical appearance and yearned to blend in with my peers, who all seemed […]

My Birth

My grandmother recounted that I was born three months premature in Sierra Leone, but due to poor health systems, the doctor had no means of caring for a baby so premature and left me to die. Despite the dire situation, my grandmother refused to give up on me and took me home, relying on natural remedies and her faith to help me survive. With no access to an incubator, she provided the care I needed to grow stronger. Against all […]

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