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Tiny Ethleen Peacock

Growing up, I had stunted growth, very tiny and skinny with a sharp voice. This makes me look different from the other kids and most time, my outfits were baggie. The problem with my growth was due to a medical condition and I was not getting the appropriate treatment for my body to function well. I was ashamed of my body structure and I dislike my looks, my ultimate ambition for a frame growth was to resemble the other kids. […]

My Birth

According to my granny, I was born three months earlier to my due date, the poor health system in Sierra Leone made the doctor left me to die without no solution to care for a premature baby. Well, my granny decided to take me home with faith and use natural remedies because of there was no incubator medical gadget to put me in. One month later, I was a miracle in my family and community, I survived the odds without […]

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